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Bentley Lewis

How leaders can foster inclusion in a polarised world

It’s no secret that the world is becoming increasingly polarised. Whether it's political, social, or economic, many of us are feeling the effects of division and strife.

But how can we create an inclusive environment when we are surrounded by so much division? There is hope – leaders have the power to foster inclusion in their organisations and beyond.

The power of leadership.

Leaders have a unique opportunity to create a culture of inclusion through their own behaviour and attitudes. This begins with self-reflection; take the time to assess your current biases and beliefs, and how those might be contributing to the polarisation in your team or organisation. Once you understand your own tendencies towards exclusion, make conscious efforts to counter these tendencies.

Work on creating genuine connections with each individual within your teams.

Investing time in getting to know each person’s background and experiences will help you better understand diversity and feel more comfortable embracing it. It’s important for leaders to demonstrate respect for all members of the team, regardless of differences in perspective or opinion.

Ensure that everyone’s contributions are heard and valued during conversations and meetings.

When people feel like they can express themselves without fear of judgement or exclusion, they will be more likely to speak up and share ideas that could help move the organisation forward together. Doing this not only creates an inclusive atmosphere but also encourages collaboration between different parties—the key ingredient for progress in our increasingly complex world.

Leaders play a major role in promoting inclusion in our increasingly polarised world.

By taking the time to reflect on your own biases and creating genuine connections with team members, you can foster an environment based on mutual respect where everyone feels safe enough to express themselves without fear of judgement or exclusion. This leads not only to greater inclusion but also increased collaboration between different stakeholders—both essential ingredients for progress today.

With strong leadership at its helm, any organisation can strive towards a future filled with understanding, connection, and unity instead of division and strife.

Lewis Maleh, Founder
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