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Bentley Lewis

Leading through uncertain times

If your experience has been like mine, the last 6 months have felt relentless. Transitioning to virtual, new work patterns, one video meeting after another, the pace has been exhausting.

Covid-19 has forced leaders to change their routines and step up and prove their leadership credentials. Many have risen to the challenge, maybe just as many are struggling to find the right path through the pandemic. As people start to realise things will never be as they were, executive teams are reimagining the next normal and crystalising their views on the future of work. One thing is certain, leaders and the way they lead is evolving quickly.

“You have to lead yourself first to lead your organisation well in a crisis. You have to focus on your wellbeing and mindset. You have to keep perspective, sleep well, maintain healthy habits, and seek diverse sources of knowledge. And you have to take the long view. You also have to create clarity for your teams and trust them without micromanaging.”  Vas Narasimhan, CEO of Novartis.

Leading through these times has been the most incredible experience and the most challenging of my career. What I’ve learnt is to expect change and be comfortable being uncomfortable. Ensuring we’re in a position to respond and capitalise on opportunities that come from change is critical for long term success.

One priority for leaders is to act, not react. Businesses that are strong and resilient should be well placed to thrive. These are attributes that need to be worked on along with guiding and supporting the amazing people that make businesses what they are.

Lewis Maleh, Founder

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Client Feedback:
“For years I realised what was holding me back most was my lack of self-belief to ‘dare’ to contribute and challenge – especially in a larger group. I would often wait until meetings were over, but now feel comfortable to speak up and accept any potential push-backs for what they are and not take them personally.” – CEO Healthcare

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