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Bentley Lewis

More Thoughtful Hiring = Better Outcomes

While many firms add more assessments to the hiring process, a better approach is to be more objective and data-driven. A great place to start is with a clear definition and measure of job performance, and what success looks like. Imagine you are doing his or her end of year appraisal, what would a brilliant year look like?

Thinking about this from the beginning is critical and will ensure you avoid expensive hiring mistakes. You will find the quality of hires and candidate retention increases, which is a win on many levels.

What success looks like in different roles can be difficult to measure, but asking yourself a series of questions can help you find the answers.

What are the core technical tasks they need to perform well on? For a Sales Director it might be:

  • Ensuring the team reaches their goals.
  • Acquiring more customers.
  • Receiving outstanding customer feedback.

How do you want the person to behave? For example: being kind, having a positive attitude or helping and supporting other people.

If you don’t take an overall view of performance and behaviour you run the risk of falling into a classic dilemma. Would you “fire” your best performer if his or her behaviour is toxic and other people are leaving as a result?

Investing time in considering an overall view of performance and behaviour. And designing an interview process that seeks to find the right person, will result in better hires and value for the organisation.

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Client Feedback:
“For years I realised what was holding me back most was my lack of self-belief to ‘dare’ to contribute and challenge – especially in a larger group. I would often wait until meetings were over, but now feel comfortable to speak up and accept any potential push-backs for what they are and not take them personally.” – CEO Healthcare

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