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Bentley Lewis

Thank you 2019!

2019 has been quite a year! We've had the pleasure of working with amazing companies to find them senior leaders across the globe. We won an award for Best Boutique Executive Recruitment Firm, welcomed more people to the team, and we've opened an office in New York.

Twenty-twenty has a good ring to it. The start of a new decade gets me thinking about the future and what it has in store. I think 2020 itself has a lot in store. We have Brexit, US elections, an interesting economy, and multiple missions are heading to Mars. The world of work is changing fast, and it will be interesting to see how this develops.

Sustainability is now firmly on the agenda, and let’s hope the conversations start to have a major impact on the planet. I’m looking forward to more technological advances and it will be fascinating to see what takes off and when. Flying taxis probably won’t be standard in 2020, but electric cars are starting to get more traction, and personalised medicine is gathering pace.

I’ll be watching with great interest to see what the effect of more regulation, taxation and scrutiny will be on tech giants. And if anyone knows what the best streaming service is as loads more come online, please let me know.

We’re all looking forward to what’s in store!

Lewis Maleh, Founder
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