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Bentley Lewis

The Journey to authentic leadership

When we first started Bentley Lewis, we all thought we understood who we were and why we were here. Read any "how to" book on starting a business and the words, values and mission are as common as chocolate in a candy shop. When there are only a handful of you, staying on the same page is simple.

But as you grow, you add more layers of complexity, while continually working out how to interact effectively with the world. While so many things are coming at you, I’ve found that the most important activity to do to stay on track, is to make sure to be your authentic self. As you start to explore who you are by peeling back the layers, you discover more complexity and a core that hasn’t been exposed to the outside world.

This year has really got us thinking as a team about why we are here and the impact we have in the world! We all agreed that for us to be the best we can be, we needed to work on making sure our workplace is human, kind, and prioritises people’s well-being.

Lewis Maleh, Founder

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Client Feedback:
“For years I realised what was holding me back most was my lack of self-belief to ‘dare’ to contribute and challenge – especially in a larger group. I would often wait until meetings were over, but now feel comfortable to speak up and accept any potential push-backs for what they are and not take them personally.” – CEO Healthcare

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