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Bentley Lewis

Setting Up Leaders for Success

Bespoke 90 day programs by the very best global executive coaches.

We create bespoke transition coaching programmes that allow Leaders to unlock their full potential and excel further than ever before. Discover our programs below.

Research* shows that transition support for new Leaders improves:

*data source: McKinsey & Company


new hire retention



Grow with Bentley Lewis

We know how critical it is to help Leaders transition from their previous role and start to think about what the first 90 days looks like in the new role. Being prepared and mentally ready to get going on day 1 is critical for success.

Our transition coaching service provides access to the best available executive coaches globally. They will work with newly hired leaders to help them accelerate their first 90 days.

We work with emerging and established Leaders to help individuals and organisations get the very best from each other.