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Bentley Lewis

Industry Expertise

We recruit permanent and interim positions at Head of and Director level, with a focus on these sectors.

Professional Services

  • Accounting
  • Management consultancy


  • Digital
  • Fintech
  • Medtech
  • Software

Financial Services

  • Asset management
  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Private equity


  • Medical devices
  • Pharmaceuticals

Our Solutions

Executive Recruitment

  • Flexible approach

    We are a committed team without the distractions and demands of a larger firm. This means we are flexible and free to focus solely on our clients. A typical project will be managed by a partner and will involve input from the whole firm. We are driven by a desire to achieve the best results for our clients and offer the best possible service.

  • We understand our discipline

    Our team consists of some of the best people in the industry who have a deep understanding of the areas in which they specialise. We work as a team and know the key issues that need to be considered in every piece of work we do.

  • We focus on building sustainable partnerships

    Our objective is to serve our clients. We understand that success in the long term is dependent on how we perform and how we behave. The way we work is governed by a set of principles that helps us define how we do business and the people who join us. Our commitment to quality permeates through every element of our work.

  • Network

    Having an extensive network of exceptional people to call upon is the most vital element of our business. People always say it is who you know that counts. We want to help people to do and achieve great things and we can do this by connecting them with the right people. Our network is deep and powerful and we value it greatly. People often ask us to help them connect with experts in disciplines other than our own and we do this gladly.

Interim Management

We deliver senior interim executives across the financial services, healthcare and technology sectors.

Leadership Assessments

Our independent, in-depth assessment will aim to increase an organisation’s odds of securing the right people. An organisation will only go as far as their leaders will take them and the marketplace for talent has never been so competitive. The external hiring process therefore becomes one of the most important decisions an organisation can make.

Our expertise allows organisations to understand individuals beyond their core skills and explore their behaviour, their motivation, values and cultural fit. The cost of the misidentification of leaders can cost time and money, have a detrimental effect on individual careers, impede organisational performance and impact the bottom line. 

Bentley Lewis leadership assessment uses a consistent methodology to understand the underlying motives and values which drive behaviour. It also provides an objective view on how the candidate will fit the role requirements as well as identifying potential for future growth in the organisation. Our service is supplemented by psychometrics which will be selected based on organisational requirements. These diagnostics deliver precise results, giving organisations further insight and enable leaders to maximise their behaviour in a targeted way. 

What is it that makes our assessments so effective? Our consistent methodology and real-life experience of working with top organisations across multiple sectors and countries.

Sourcing & Researching

We are passionate about sourcing and use and experiment with loads of different techniques.

In our over-informed world we continuously look for practical solutions so we can deliver the best possible results for our clients.

We love sourcing and would be delighted to work with you in any way we can. Whether it be offering thought leadership on talent identification, engagement and attraction or by working with you on any of the areas below.

  • Market maps

  • Advice on research strategy

  • Target list development