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Bentley Lewis

How to become a f̶e̶m̶a̶l̶e̶ Leader.

Let's start dropping "gender" from job titles. There are no limits to what you can achieve!

Back to the question…

What are some of the things you CAN DO to put yourself in the BEST position to advance your career?

Our advice is to FOCUS on the things you can CONTROL, and forget the rest.

Think about your career as a business.

Imagine you are the CEO of your career. Set about goal setting and plan your way forward. Don’t wait for your employer to provide the opportunities for your development. Take ownership and be proactive or it is unlikely to happen.

Is leadership the path you want?

(Illustration, Anna Parini)

So much of what we are taught early on in our careers is centred around moving up the corporate ladder and team management.

We challenge you to think about the aspects of your job you love, the things you are good at, and whether management is the path you want to take. If your strengths lie somewhere else that is ok too, many people build great careers without managing teams.

Look for opportunities to lead outside of work.

(Illustration, Anna Parini)

There are plenty of places outside of work that provide an opportunity to
lead and for you to start to understand what that really means. Think about
the best leader you know, what makes them great, and start to develop the
same behaviours and qualities.

Think about how to stay visible.

 (Illustration,Csaba Gyulai)

Technology has made this so much simpler. Network within your company
and arrange virtual coffees with people across the organisation. Participate
in virtual networking events, join committees, and make sure all your social
media platforms are up to date.

Learn, Experience, Improve…

 (Illustration, Anna Parini)

Have a growth mindset and continually look for learning opportunities.
Think about the skills you might need to have in the future and set
about acquiring them.

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