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Bentley Lewis

Breaking the Mold: Why Being Yourself is the Best Business Move You Can Make

First episode in a special series of podcasts on diversity, equity, and inclusion for the

In this episode Jenifer Denby (Global Head of Inclusion & Diveristy at WTW) CEO at Figures, joins our CEO Lewis Maleh. Jenifer explores the transformative power of inclusion and diversity in the workplace as part of the DiveIn Festival.

With insights that ranged from the macro-level shifts in corporate culture to the micro-moments that affirm individuality, we delve deep into how bringing your authentic self to work enriches both the individual and the collective experience.

Jenifer gives her perspective on the impact of being true to yourself and how curiosity is a critical trait for both leaders and team members. They discuss how a curious mindset not only drives innovation but also fosters an empathetic atmosphere where people are more open to understanding perspectives.

This podcast is supported by Bentley Lewis, an award-winning global boutique executive search firm.