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Bentley Lewis

Everyone is welcome in our house! with Siobhan Sweeney

In this insightful episode our CEO Lewis Maleh joined by Siobhan Sweeney, Senior Director of Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging at Element Materials Technology.

Lewis and Siobhan dive deep into the complexities of societal expectations, privilege, and the unique challenges faced by young white men from low socio-economic backgrounds.

They discuss how these factors can negatively impact access to education and employment and explore potential solutions to uplift this demographic.

They also provide an overview of affirmative action plans and their objectives, along with the benefits and potential drawbacks of implementing such strategies.

But that’s not all!

Lewis and Siobhan delve into the importance of diverse recruitment strategies and their contribution towards a more inclusive and equitable workplace.

Finally, they examine the shift to global work-from-home, its impact on diversity and inclusion, and the adjustments needed in this new context.