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Bentley Lewis

Leadership and Belonging with Richard Nugent

In this insightful episode our CEO Lewis Maleh sits down with Richard Nugent, the insightful mind behind 'The Alignment Advantage.' Richard, founder and Managing Director of TwentyOne Leadership.

Richard has worked with a variuety of organisations like Warner Bros to professional athletes.

In their conversation, Richard delves into the importance of cultivating a sense of belonging within teams, explaining why it’s a game-changer for performance and well-being.

He shares his unique perspective on ensuring the longevity of new cultures within companies, pinpointing common mistakes organizations make and how to sidestep them using his three-pronged methodology.

This episode is brimming with actionable insights, including a practical takeaway that leaders can implement immediately to improve team performance. Finally, they discuss the nuances of achieving full alignment within an organization – aligning people, goals, and everything in between.