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Bentley Lewis

The Recruitment Show

Do company values limit diversity in the recruitment process?

A properly thought-out recruitment process is vital to an organisation’s success. Each business must ask whether basing its recruitment on company values, of which diversity could be one, is limiting its cognitive diversity. Lewis and Aldo give us their valuable insights on cognitive diversity, and how it recognises peoples wonderfully diverse views and perspectives on the world.

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Crafting the right story

With the competition for the best positions as competitive as ever, selling yourself to a potential employer is vital. Lewis and Aldo give us their valuable insights on how to prepare for interviews and crafting your answers using effective storytelling.

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On hiring rockstar candidates

With the competition for talent as competitive as ever, selling your company to potential hires is vital. Lewis and Aldo give us their valuable insights in to the importance of crafting a great story.

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How do you spend your time?

So let’s say we all have 6-8hrs per day un-accounted for, how do you spend it? Scrolling through social media, watching TV or something more productive? Are you even conscious about spending your time wisely? Lewis and Aldo gives us an insight on how they manage their time.

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Can you put your phone away?

It seems that the lines between our personal and working lives have undoubtedly been blurred as a result of the digital age - however, is this always a bad thing? Lewis and Aldo discuss the pros and cons, and why now’s the time to embrace flexible working.

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