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Bentley Lewis

The Recruitment Show

The Candidate Bill Of Rights

As we know, people talk more about bad experiences than good. In the recruitment industry, by far the biggest complaint is the experience a candidate had during an interview process. More specifically, the lack of feedback to candidates who weren’t successful at various stages. There seems to be a growing dissatisfaction felt by job seekers. We believe candidates should expect the highest level of ethics, integrity, and performance in the profession. Lewis and Aldo discuss your rights and obligations as a candidate and expectation of any search firm.

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Flexibility in the workplace

Everyone wants flexibility today. How can you give employees the work culture they want without sacrificing productivity? Whatever your definition of flexibility, there’s no doubt that it can alter the culture of your office. It could also attract and retain a happy and productive workforce. Do employers need to think beyond the basic legal requirements around flexible working? Lewis and Aldo discuss the pros and cons, and why now’s the time to embrace flexible working.

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Human x Machines

As automation and AI continue to reshape the world of work, strong soft skills is the one thing that machines can’t replace. According to LinkedIn's recent survey, 92% of talent professionals say they matter as much or more than hard skills when they hire, and 80% say they’re increasingly important to company success. The majority of companies struggle to assess them accurately. Lewis and Aldo discuss the importance of soft skills and how to apply these skills in the workplace.

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The recruitment process is bias, what can we do?

Bias is known to lead hiring managers to make irrational decisions. Organisations might miss the chance to hire the best talent, thus significantly reducing the chances of achieving growth and staying competitive in the market. Lewis and Aldo discuss bias in the recruitment process, the pros and cons, and some strategies for landing your next role in an unjust world.

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Skills for your future

The world of work is changing – and some jobs are changing faster than others. According to the latest research, soon we'll only be as good as the skills we possess. But which skills are they, and how can we make sure we keep pace? Lewis and Aldo give us an insight on what challenges can lie ahead, and the tools needed to tackle them. Learn how to reshape your career and the skills needed for the future.

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