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Bentley Lewis

2020 - The year flexible working comes of age

I've recently come to realise just how many people are trying to find work that offers flexibility. It's now amongst one of the top things candidates are asking for. What's been the most surprising is how many men would like to find a role with flexibility, and that might even have decent paternity leave. Success for men used to be: get a good job, support the family, and don't get divorced. It seems evident that for many men this has been changing quickly, with many looking for jobs with flexibility so their partners can also build the career they want.

Flexible working is probably the biggest workplace revolution in our time and promises to deliver a higher quality of life in this decade than the last. Workers having more flexibility to decide their work schedule and operate when they are most productive should result in a better work life.

The average employees does 2hrs53mins work in an 8hour day. (

Organising a company in this way and enabling your team to work flexibly is a huge transition with major implications. Giving people the freedom to choose where and when they work takes trust, quality structures and technology. People can start to more effectively balance their career aspirations with family life and the hugely important matter of health and well-being.

For some people, working in an office full-time and having to live in a high cost of living city with a low quality of life is their worst nightmare and long past it sell by date. For others, the office is a great place to build quality relationships with people, collaborate on projects and get the social interaction humans need.

Remote work is exploding to prominence right now. We are seeing a rise in popularity of people choosing to work in the gig economy and website likes Fiverr enabling everyone from graphic designers to marketers work whenever they want from wherever they want. Perspective is everything, which is why we should appreciate that everyone likes to work differently. We should also remember that each job has different requirements. A physiotherapist needs to see patients face to face (until virtual reality takes hold), where as if you need isolation and focus to do deep work, home might be better. We are living through an interesting point in time.

Lewis Maleh, Founder
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