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Bentley Lewis


Who told me my business would fail in year 1? Thank you for the rocket fuel 

Being a Founder and CEO is both difficult and immensely rewarding. I’m super proud to have made it to 12 years and I love it more than ever. I’ve grown and learnt so much, starting at the back end of the financial crisis and navigating our why through early covid to the busiest it’s ever been. I’m always evolving and trying to be a bit better than I was yesterday. I think there is a book here somewhere.

There are so many exciting things going on and I’m grateful to have such an awesome group of people around me to do it with. Helping people to develop and be the best they can is immensely rewarding and something I really enjoy. Having a great team with a kickass culture enables you to achieve so much more.

Being at the table with Chairman, CEO’s, and other senior figures is a huge privilege. I feel a responsibility to do good for others and society, as well as our clients and ourselves. My team and I lead on executive searches for a wonderfully diverse range of companies across the world. We help companies build great teams and people to land awesome jobs which impacts people in many ways.

I’ve focused on building a company where everyone is welcome and treated equally. We are super passionate about what we do and love helping to connect people and build communities. We are always in search of a better way, and kindness is the attribute we value most.

Thank you to all my team, family, friends, clients and candidates, I wouldn’t be here today without you all.

– Lewis Maleh, Founder