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Bentley Lewis

The future of work is changing

The future of work is changing: the days of people working at the same firm until they get a gold watch and retire with a big pension are over.

The world is competitive, and firms need to find, attract and hire the very best talent to thrive. It is time for organisations to take action and think about the skills they need and how to find them.

In the skills economy, discovering people’s hidden strengths, assessing their communication style, and what their potential derailers are, is key to making a great hire. But what is the best way to do this?

The classic Q&A style interview is limited. Even asking the right questions might not result in the information you need to make the right decision. Candidates don’t always know what their real strengths are, and the least competent are more likely to overestimate their abilities.

The other problem is consistency. Hiring managers can’t interpret subjective answers in a reliable and useful way that can be used to compare answers across candidates. In addition, traditional Q&A style interview processes often result in a poor candidate experience, and a false sense of confidence for the hiring manager.

To make better quality hiring decisions, it’s important to get better quality information about people. There are some amazing digital tools available now such as psychometrics and smartphone games, that if incorporated in the right way, can greatly improve your chances of unearthing a hidden gem.

Lewis Maleh, Founder
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